7 News – Deco Features “The Glades

Just because a show puts Miami in the title and shoots a causeway and a couple palm trees, doesn’t make it authentic. Here that caruso no we love shows that are set in Miami and shot in Miami. Because LA is not Miami and the Glades is defintely way better than CSI.

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Miami Herald: Talking to star of locally shot cop drama The Glades

Article by Mandy Marr

Carlos Gomez was as shocked as anyone else to hear about the flesh-eating tragedy on the MacArthur Causeway over Memorial Day weekend. But that doesn’t mean we may not see a similar episode pop up on cop drama The Glades (the A&E series’ third season starts at 9 p.m. Sunday). “I was like, what?! It’s the oddest thing — and right in the middle of the day. Lunchtime, no less,’’ say Gomez, who plays the coroner in the nonexistent Florida town of Palm Glade. “But it sounds like something we do on the show: odd things that happen in Florida and twist them around.’’

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El Nuevo Herald – Entrevista con Carlos “Ser Latino es un valor agregado”

Article by Sandra Palacios

El actor cubano americano Carlos Gómez regresa a la pantalla chica para la tercera temporada de la serie The Glades del canal A&E, que se estrena este domingo. El programa, que se rueda desde hace tres años en Miami, le permitió al artista regresar a la ciudad en donde vivió por muchos años, en un papel en el que se siente como pez en el agua.

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