From John Simmons Daily “The Perfect Game”: A Flawless Underdog Story

“Director William Dear’s “The Perfect Game” chronicles the true story of the first Mexican Little league team and its heart wrenching journey to the American little league championship of 1957. Having directed 1994’s “Angels in the Outfield” Dear is no doubt familiar with the formula for an unblemished sports film. Every movie ever made in this genre (especially when portraying true events) must have two or more the following clichés to be worthy of sports movie greatness:

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From LA Times: “Hollywood Revival File: ‘The Perfect Game’ stages an amazing ninth-inning comeback”

“Two years ago, I took my baseball-crazed son and some of his Little League pals to see “The Perfect Game,” a delightful little film about a rag-tag Mexican sandlot baseball team who against all odds ends up racking up a stunning series of victories — one of them a perfect game — in the 1957 Little League World Series. The film, which is based on a true story, resonated in a big way with my Little Leaguers, who totally identified with the kids’ grit and determination.

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Carlos’ tracks from “In the Heights”

Listen to Carlos sing!



PBS “In The Heights – Chasing Broadway Dreams”

Great interview by the cast of “In the Heights.” Visit site post by clicking on the image.

NY Daily News “Character actor Carlos G mez in on Broadway, TV series and upcoming film”

“It took a hit Latino musical and a little twist of fate to bring native New Yorker and perennial character actor Carlos Gomez back to Broadway.”

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NY Daily News “Carlos G mez vuelve a sus inicios en Broadway”

“NUEVA YORK – Para el actor de origen cubano Carlos Gmez, el alcalde de Los Angeles en la serie televisiva “Shark”, la huelga de guionistas de Hollywood fue lo mejor que le pudo pasar: lo trajo de vuelta a Broadway.

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New York Times “The View From Uptown: American Dreaming to a Latin Beat”

Article by CHARLES ISHERWOOD, Published March 10, 2008

“Correction Appended

It has been lamented in certain circles that they don’t make Broadway musical stars the way they used to. We’ll not see the likes of Ethel Merman again. Or Mary Martin or John Raitt. Or, for that matter, Patti LuPone or Mandy Patinkin.

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USA Today “In the Heights Stands Tall”

Article by Elysa Gardner

Conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda, 28, who also wrote the music and lyrics and stars in it, the show focuses on a group of Latin Americans living and struggling in Manhattan’s Washington Heights and features a score that blends Latin, pop and hip-hop textures. Most of the characters are young, and some of them rap.

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New York Times on “Sleeper Cell” – Among Terrorists, A Hero is Lurking

Article by Alessandra Stanley

“”Sleeper Cell” is better than “24.”

That is almost all that needs to be said about Showtime’s new series about an undercover F.B.I. agent who infiltrates an Islamic fundamentalist cell plotting a bioterrorist attack in Los Angeles.

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Super Mexicano on “Premiere mundial de El Juego Perfecto”

“Con grandes estrellas se llevará a cabo la premiere mundial de la película El Juego Perfecto
el próximo 21 de Marzo en Monterrey, Nuevo León

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